I cannot imagine growing up in Hawaii.  I think it would be cool and of course I would probably always be at the beach but I doubt I would surf. I don't like sharks.  I definitely don't think if I was attacked by a shark I could ever face my fears and ever go back in the ocean.  Bethany was very brave.  Her family reminds me a lot of mine though.  Very caring and supportive. If I did surf and was brave enough to go back in the ocean like she did they would support me and do whatever it took for me to do it. I cannot imagine what her parents must have been going through when they realized she had been attacked by a shark or what her friend went through that day.  My best friend Harlee would have been freaking out but her and her dad would have done the same for me. I guess since Bethany has surfed since she was 5 years old is another reason she didn't give up. Her love for surfing was like my love for cheer. Although a shark bite is a lot worse than a tumbling accident. The worst part for her I suppose was getting use to not having her arm. That must be so hard to get used to.  Bethany had to overcome a lot of things at such a young age but she did. I am sure it wasn't easy but after what she went through I would say she is lucky and glad to be alive!


  1. I really like the way you put this together. Your text is really formatted and super good. I really like the way you put yourself in her place and talked about how she is lucky tot be alive. She really is lucky. The part wear you talked about yourself and said that it was relateable to your life. I love the way you worked with the book and told how long she has surfed. I also believe if you lived in Hawaii it would be cool, because of the beaches and the way it looks in pictures. Your blog is great. Good Job.

  2. I would have liked to ahve seen more exmaples from the book. She discusses some very specific challenges she had to overcome. I'm not seeing enough evidence that you read the book in your posts. Reference the book lots more in your 3rd post. JW good comment.


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