Faith and Determination

 Bethany was determined to surf again. She wanted to be herself, even if she didn’t have an arm like she did before. Bethany wanted people to think she wasn’t the kind of person to just give up her dreams. During the story of Bethany, she goes off into a mission trip, along with her church family. She talks to everyone and decides to overcome her fear of surfing again. Everyone helps her get through the incident, they help her learn how to be happy again. I relate to Bethany a lot, other than the fact that she only has one arm, we are very much alike. My church family, helps me through everything. They do anything they can to make me smile. Even if i’m struggling to learn how to do something the right way. They are always there for me, just like Bethany’s are for her. Soon enough Bethany gets the nerve to try again. She gets the doctor to prescribe her many different types of  prosthetic arms that fit her just right. She talks to her family and explains to them how she wants to contour her dream of surfing. They follow her with the dream and help her throughout the way. Even if she isn’t doing so well with learning. Bethany’s family and mine are very similar. My family will always be there for me no matter what. I appreciate each and every one of my family memebers, as much as Bethany does. Bethany’s family was always there for her and they always will be, especially when she is asked to compete in a surfing competition....


  1. Nice personal connection. I think Bethany recovered from her injuries faster and stronger because she already had an amazing faith, deserved self-confidence through her surfing, and strong relationships with family and friends. With a support group like that most people can overcome adversity.


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