Inspired By God

 Once Bethany decided she would surf again her mom asked her if she wanted to go public or go private and she decided she would go public with her story, to let people know that god was her inspiration. She decided she wanted her life to be driven by god. Bethany wanted the whole world to know that in order to move on from being hurt or making mistakes, god will get you through it if you turn to him. Again I feel like she is like me because that is who I turn to when I have a problem of my own...mostly by praying and asking him to help me. Even though she had nightmares from the attack she was able to adapt and overcome her fear of failure. She knew that god would not leave her alone in the water, but she also knew that she could accomplish anything her mind wanted to. After going public she began to receive card in the mail and gifts from people she didn’t even know. This helped her realize she wasn’t alone, and made her even stronger in her attempt to get back into her dream of surfing. This is how I feel when I am hurting, the best way to get through it is to be surrounded by my friends. Bethany had lots of quotes that she lived by, I was inspired by one “ It’s normal to wonder why, but you can trust that god has a plan and that he loves you. He will see you through anything.”


  1. This post doesn't quite follow the directions. I relaly enjoyed the content though. Well done.


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